#eecms Add-on Development

Over the past few years, I have been using ExpressioneEngine as the main website building tool in my day job. Sometimes I am tasked with something that requires some special attention and coding love. There have been a number of situations where what I wanted to do wasn't easily accomplished with what I had on-hand at the moment. In those situations, I would tinker with code to make it do what I wanted. Eventually, I got into some documentation and actually looked into creating my own EE addons.

This website hosts the documentation for the addons I have created. The items found on this website are updated as needs arise. That is, I do not plan to upgrade the ee2 addons to ee3 unless I have a need for them in a paid project. If you see something that you like or have used, consider a donation to encourage updates for that add-on. If you have requests for new addons, you the contact form to let me know about it.

The addons I have created are also listed in my devot-ee profile.