Registration Emails


This extension is called when a new member registeres for an account on the website. A notification message can be sent to a specified address as well as possibly sending a welcome message to the registered email address. The messages are generated with the use of templates and the values found in the settings screen.


Once the extension has been installed and enabled in your EE install, you will be able to access the settings for the extension.


  • System Sender Email

    The email address to send the messages from.

  • System Sender Name

    The name of the sender to send the messages from.

  • Date Display Format

    The date format used in the email messages

  • Send Notification Message to Admin

    Whether or not to send notification messages.

  • Notification E-mail

    Email address to send notification messages.

  • Notificaton E-mail Subject

    Subject of notification messages.

  • Notification Email Template

    Template to use for the body of the notification messages.

  • Send Welcome Message to User

    Whether or not to send welcome messages.

  • Welcome E-mail Subject

    Subject of welcome messages.

  • Welcome Email Template

    Template to use for the body of the welcome messages.

Template Variables

Available variables for the registered user in the template are:

  • {group_id}
  • {username}
  • {screen_name}
  • {email}
  • {url}
  • {location}
  • {ip_address}
  • {join_date}
  • {language}
  • {time_format}
  • {timezone}
  • {daylight_savings}
  • {group_title}
  • {group_description}
  • {member_id}

In addition, custom fields are parsed as well. As an example, if you have a custom member field called "company" set to display on the registration form, the following would also be available:

  • {company} - The value submitted from the user
  • {company_label}
  • {company_name}
  • {company_description}

These variables are all replaced into the template before template parsing.


  • member_member_register

Current Version Information

The most up-to-date files can be found via the GitHub repository for this project.

Comments, ratings, etc. can be found on the Devot-ee Add-on Page.

package Registration Emails
version 1.0
author Justin Koivisto
copyright Copyright © 2012 Justin Koivisto
license LGPL