Matrix Category Column


This piece is a CellType for the EE2 add-on Matrix. I needed to be able to set the category for rows in a Matrix field that would also set the categories for the entry itself.

No longer maintained due to time restraints.


Below is an exmaple of the fieldtype in use.


When an entry is submitted, all the checked categories from the rows are added to the entry as well. This allows you to select entries based on these selected categories. I needed to do this for a portfolio where each project had an entry, but in the project was a Matrix field that had images, descriptions, and other data that was assigned to different categories within.

Example Usage

{exp:channel:entries channel="channel_name" dynamic="no" category="{cat_id}"}
  {if matrix_field_name}
    {matrix_field_name search:cat="{catid}"}
      ... template code here to display this row's info ...

Current Version Information

The most up-to-date files can be found via the GitHub repository for this project.

package Matrix Category Column
version 1.0
author Justin Koivisto
copyright Copyright © 2012 Justin Koivisto
license LGPL