Entry Directories


This extension is called when entries are submitted. If the entry submitted is in one of the channels you have selected in the settings, the extension checks for a directory name field within the channel as specified. The directory will be created in the parent directory if it does not exist.


Once the extension has been installed and enabled in your EE install, you will be able to access the settings for the extension.


  • Parent Directory

    This is the system path to the directory in which each of the new protected directories will be created.

  • Channels

    The channels to make the directories for.

  • Directory Name Field

    The name of the field that contains the name of the directory to be created. (default is url_title)


  • entry_submission_absolute_end

Current Version Information

The most up-to-date files can be found via the GitHub repository for this project.

Comments, ratings, etc. can be found on the Devot-ee Add-on Page.

package Entry Directories
version 1.0
author Justin Koivisto
copyright Copyright © 2012 Justin Koivisto
license LGPL
link http://koivi.com/ee-entry-directories