Entry Authentication Directory


This extension is called when entries are submitted. If the entry submitted is in the channel you have in the settings, the extension checks for username, password and directory name fields within the channel. If the submitted password field is empty, the entension generates a random password based on the settings. The directory will be created with .htaccess and .htpasswd files. If an additional file was provided in the settings, the extension will also copy that file to the directory.

If the entry already has the directory structure in place, it will only update the htpasswd file with the new username and password that was submitted and skip the rest of the processing.


One the extension has been installed and enabled in your EE install, you will be able to access the settings for the extension.


  • Parent Directory

    This is the system path to the directory in which each of the new protected directories will be created.

  • Authentication Realm

    This is the name of the protected area that appears on the password prompt.

  • Length of Generated Passwords

    The number of chatacters to use in passwords that are randomly generated.

  • Allowed Character Types

    Types of characters that are used in the generation of random passwords.

  • Channel

    The channel to make the directories for.

  • Username Field

    The name of the field in the channel that stores the username to log in with.

  • Password Field

    The name of the field in the channel that stores the password to log in with.

  • Directory Name Field

    The name of the field that contains the name of the directory to be created.

  • Copy to Directory

    System path to a file that you would like copied to the newly reated directories.


  • entry_submission_absolute_end

Current Version Information

The most up-to-date files can be found via the GitHub repository for this project.

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package Entry Authenication Directory
version 1.1
author Justin Koivisto
copyright Copyright © 2011 Justin Koivisto
license LGPL
link http://koivi.com/ee-entry-auth-dir


  • 1.1
    • added support for recursive directory copy