I have had a quite few requests over the last few years for information on making donations. This had taken me by surprise. I'm glad to see there are people out there who would like to contribute in exchange for the help I provide on my site. I have finally gotten around to supplying an Amazon Wish List and I keep it up to date according to my current needs and wants.

Justin's Amazon Wish List

This option allows you not only to thank me, but also know what you are supporting as well. I try to keep this wish list up to date on the Amazon.com web site. The items on the list range from web development related books that I have been meaning to pick up, martial arts materials, music gear or media, etc. Basicall, anything that I may want for around the hpuse to keep me somewhat sane.

Anything that I pick up from books I read about web development has a great chance of making it onto this web site for others to read. After all, if you're willing to give back, I will do so as well, creating a never-ending cycle to benefit all.

Justin's Amazon.com Wish List

PayPal donations

Believe it or not, people have wanted to give small donations to this cause as a thank-you for things that have helped them out in their projects. Instead of having to answer "Whatever amount you feel is fair" to the most commonly asked question I get, I will simply provide you with the answer now, and a button to help things go quicker for you!