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This is a website dedicated to web development, servers and networking, or anything related to the things that I would like to share on the general topic of computers and the Internet. If you find anything on this website that you feel should not be here, is incorrect, or if you feel that something is missing, please send me a message with your comments/suggestions.

Items found within this web site are mostly informational pieces, most of which deal with web programming and development or server administration. Specifically, you will find things I have worked with in my jobs that I thought others would like information about. The articles on this website have been reviewed, and those that are very far outdated, no longer accurate, or simply not viewed much have been removed.

The Author

Justin Koivisto is a web developer, musician and martial artist. He became a Zend Certified Engineer in 2005 and has worked a number of jobs since about 1998 dealing with the Internet and websites. Justin has gone from writing simple websites for a college engineering group and government policy websites to fully-featured CMS based on proprietary procedures and documents. He has worked with ISPs from both sides of the project, as part of an advertising agency, working extensively with real estate companies, tourism bureaus, recreation areas and a multitude of sites for many different industries. Justin loves working with web development and technologies including Zend Framework and ExpressionEngine. In fact, this website has recently been redesigned and developed using ExpressionEngine Core as a way to have a functional model to do additional module development on.

The Articles

Below you will find a list of the articles and categories available on this site. In the recent rewrite of the site, I trashed some all together, and to others have massaged the content a little. Enjoy what you find and please share with others to help spread the knowledge.