Justin Koivisto is a web developer, musician and martial artist. He became a Zend Certified Engineer in 2005 and has worked a number of jobs since about 1997 dealing with the Internet and websites. Justin has gone from writing simple websites for a college engineering group and government policy websites to fully-featured CMS based on proprietary procedures and documents. He has worked with ISPs from both sides of the project, as part of an advertising agency, working extensively with real estate companies, tourism bureaus, recreation areas and a multitude of sites for many different industries. Justin loves working with web development and technologies including Zend Framework and ExpressionEngine. In fact, this website has recently been redesigned and developed using ExpressionEngine as a way to have a functional model to do additional module development on. Justin currently works for Creative Arc where he is a full-time ExpressionEngine website developer.

Site History

This site has been used for Justin's current interests since mid 2001. Some times there was only a resume available for public viewing, but by 2004, articles started getting written and posted here. As articles got to be too out-of-date, they were removed from the site to stop the email support questions. If you are interesting in some of the old articles, check out the website on (starting Aug 31, 2004).

You may have noticed that this website now displays a few ExpressionEngine add-ons and little else. That is becuase my current interest (and job!) is #eecms develeopment.

Note About Support

I no longer support articles or code that are not published on my site. I do not "send code" to do something for your website just because you ask (even if it is nicely). My time outside of my job is valuable to my family, my students (I am a martial arts instructor), and myself. I try to answer questions about the items on my website in a timely manner, but sometimes email just gets lost because of the number of messages I get across my accounts. Want to get my attention for help or suggestions? Consider a small donation to show you value my time as well.

There is an archive available if you are looking for the article about Filling PDF forms from HTML input. Be sure to follow the links for the other pieces at the end of the page. I'm sorry, but unless you want to hire me to do work for you, you're on your own.